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Third Fire Designer Tiles| vitrified tiles floor Price | design of vitrified tiles



Tiles are the most critical part of any space, be it living or commercial, as they have to tend to three major characteristics, 1. Looks, 2. Strength and 3. Function. If you are wondering what function do tiles have to do, we will explain. Major functionality of tiles is to keep the surface clean and protected, which implies that we need to choose various tiles for various purposes. For example, anti-skid for bathroom floors, Glossy tiles for kitchen and bathroom walls to make it easier to clean etc. With respect to Strength, Tiles are those elements of a construction which cannot be changed as frequently as furniture or paint, thus the tiles we choose must be strong enough for a long run. Coming to the foremost aspect of tiles, Looks, the most critical aspect that adds character to the whole area, it is very important to choose the right colour and design for the space. We at Meenakshi Buildworld have some of the finest professionals who are experts in the construction industry who can help you choose the right tiles for your requirement that fits your need as well as budget. Are you an owner looking for tiles for your newly constructed house? Or are you renovating already existing house, our team will make the whole process of choosing and purchasing the tiles a breeze. Third Fire Designer tiles are tiles that go through another baking process to gain extra strength and a glazing look. As the very name suggest Third fire designer tiles are those which go through the third baking process after two baking sessions. This third baking process is called “Biscuit Baking” or “Bisque Baking”. Meenakshi Buildworld is now proud to announce Third Fire Designer tiles from Meenakshi Design Studio that will bring a whole new charm to your surfaces. Also, Meenakshi Buildworld is one of the largest dealers of multi-brand construction material and thus rightly referred to as One-stop shop for all construction needs. Please visit Meenakshi Buildworld, one of the best dealers of Sanitaryware, Kitchenware, Tiles, Cement, Steel and Third Fire Designer ,Tiles ,vitrified tiles floor , design of vitrified tilesother construction material. Login to to know more.